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The Fenton Art Glass Collectors of America, Inc. is an association dedicated to learning more about Fenton glass. It is neither controlled nor sponsored by the Fenton Art Glass Company. The office of this non-profit educational collectors' club is located in Williamstown, West Virginia. The FAGCA is run by a Board of Trustees elected by its membership.

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Mission Statement/1976 Preamble

We, the collectors, dealers and true lovers of Fenton Art Glass, [have come together] in order to interest people everywhere; to encourage learning; to enlighten and to understand one of our great heritages, the glass making industry, and Fenton Art Glass in particular; to increase and promote friendship with collectors of Fenton Art Glass, one with the other, and to give all an equal opportunity to participate in new discoveries and general enlightenment concerning Fenton Art Glass; to enjoy the history of same; to gain experience; to recruit new members into our organization; and at all times to work to bring these things about.  Notwithstanding the forgoing purposes, this corporation shall never engage in any activity and shall never make any contribution for the purpose directly or indirectly or attempting to influence legislation.


The motto of this organization shall be "It's fun fluttering around finding Fenton Art Glass."

FAGCA Emblem

The emblem of this organization shall be the Fenton butterfly.  When this lovely butterfly happens to flutter by, it will help to beautify - but especially to identify - the Fenton Art Glass Collectors' alumni.

While our emblem is the butterfly, the Happy Cat is our mascot.


Thank you so much for your support of our phenomenal club, the brainchild of visionaries, Ferrill Jean and Otis Rice. I'm sure if they were alive today, they would be so pleased!! We also have the Fenton family to thank for allowing a club to be named in their honor! It is a blessing and a thrill to be part of this club. Please invite your friends to come join us. We would love to have them join in our wonderful addiction that brings all of us so much joy.

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